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m902.jpg (64128 bytes)19th C. FATHER CHRISTMAS.Cabinet Card, 6 1/2" x 4 1/4",  I’m not sure if this is a scene from a theatrical production or just folks dressed up for a local pageant, but it’s a wonderful holiday image featuring Father Christmas and what I think is the Snow Queen.  Santa is wearing a heavy wool coat  and a tall cap decorated with white “doodads”, also wearing a long white wig and a bushy white mustache and beard. He is carrying a large striped sack over one shoulder that is stuffed with toys (a darling elf doll is peeking out of the sack and appears to be looking over Santa’s shoulder).  The snow queen is wearing a long white dress decorated all over with large snowflakes.  She’s wearing a crown on her head and is holding a long “wand” topped with a large star in her hands.  I’m not sure who the third figure is supposed to represent.  She’s wearing a plaid dress and has a scarf tied over her hair.  She’s striking a rather pious pose and is holding what looks like a folded sheaf of papers in her hands.  No photographer imprint. While the image is clear, the contrast around the fairy could be much better (I think there’s just too much white).  The image also exhibits some light soiling, 3  spots at the upper edge.  Overall in VG condition, corners light bumped, on back a small surface area has been skinned ( looks like a price tag had been there at some point. (Hs.01) $165.



cc051.jpg (89042 bytes)TWO YOUNG BOYS WITH FRAMED PORTRAIT AND FLAG . Cabinet card (6 1/2" x 4 1/4") - Two young boys pose with a framed portrait w flag in background. Though the portrait is somewhat hard to see, see discernible, however am not familiar with portrait. Peoples Gallery Sidney, Ohio photographer's imprint.  Fine cond.  (cc.51); $125.

cc052.jpg (88794 bytes)TWO YOUNG CHILDREN , PATRIOTIC THEME. Cabinet card (6 1/2" x 4 1/4") - Two children pose for the camera; the girl wears a flag inspired dress, the boy in an oufit resembling a uniform, holding drumsticks. A drum rest between them .Nice contrast and tonlity. Humphrey Jacksonville, Ill.  photographer's imprint. Fine cond.  (cc.52); $145.


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