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SPORTS – BASEBALL – 19th c. LITHOGRAPHS - OUR NATIONAL GAME- 1887. Original lithographs from “Our National Game”  13 ½ x 10 ½. . These are an original page from the book published in 1887 by Liebenroth, Von Auw & Co. It was a commercial scrapbook containing one of the first series of color lithographs depicting baseball, included were: Our National Game, Wild Pitch, Fly Ball, Caught Between Bases, Foul ball and  Home Run.  The scrapbook would have had a blank page between the images. Overall condition of these are good, pages somewhat irregularly cut along left side (spine edge). Other condition issues are noted 

sp174.jpg (1356747 bytes)WILD PITCH. A few creases b/l corner, o/w GD. Sp174  $225. 






sp170.jpg (1621491 bytes)HOME RUN. Tip of b/r corner missing, o/w GD (Sp170); $225. 







sp171.jpg (1316647 bytes)FLY BALL . Some mount chipping along bottom rt edge, o/w GD. (Sp171); $225. 







sp175.jpg (1359253 bytes)CAUGHT BETWEEN BASES. GD (SP. 175) $225. 







sp173.jpg (1509638 bytes)FOUL BALL. A small Piece missing top rt edge, o/w GD (Sp173); $225. 

sp194.jpg (86213 bytes)1870 BASEBALL – RED STOCKINGS- ATLANTICS. Spirit of the Times. A Chronicle of the Turf, Field Sports, and the Stage. 15 5/8” x 11”. Saturday, June 18, 1870 .Weekly newspaper , one of the pioneer papers concerning sports. 16pp. Various articles regarding hunting, horse racing, etc ,  Important issue that has a 1 ½ column report of the Red Stockings, including the famous match with the Atlantics. Good descriptive content with box score. Fine condition, from bound volume, minimal edge wear.(Sp194);$175.
When Cincinnati's city fathers decided after the Civil War that a winning ball club would put their town on the map, they hired Harry Wright and gave him free rein to recruit the first openly paid baseball team. (Harry became baseball's most innovative proponent and most influential force, shaping a Hall of Fame career as a pioneer and manager). The result was the undefeated 1869 Red Stockings; their tour helped spread the popularity of baseball. In 1870, after 84 straight wins, ( 24 games in 1870  and 60 the previous year . The Cincinnati Red Stockings lost 8-7 to the Atlantics of Brooklyn in what was considered the  greatest game ever played. Twenty thousand spectators watch at the Capitoline Grounds.  The game was tied at the end of the 9th inning 5-5. In what was the first extra inning ballgame, Bob Ferguson scores the winning run in the last of the 11th on a hit by George Zettlein.


sp190a.jpg (416980 bytes)1895 REACH BASEBALL GUIDE. 4 3/8" X 6 5/8" 156 pp Wraps (softcover). Beautiful stone lithograph on front cover. All the National league stats , schedules ,etc. along w/ the other leagues (Western League, Texas League, etc). Rules of the game, along w/ 24 pages of Reach sporting goods, including several illustrated gloves ads. Bright, attractive cover illustration, internally VG+. These 19th c. guides are becoming increasing harder to find. (SP.190); $595.

sp153.jpg (142896 bytes)BABE RUTH. Babe Ruth’s Big Book of Baseball. Chicago: Reilly & Lee ; The Quaker Oats Company, 1935. First edition. 7 5/8" x 5 1/8", 63pp. A premium from The Quaker Oats Company. Color  illustrated wraps, internally with text, photos, illustrations and ads.  Somewhat pulpish paper,  dime size piece missing b/r corner, o/w good. (Sp.153); $65.


sp301.jpg (141514 bytes)CA. 1900 SCHOOL FOOTBALL TEAM PHOTO. 6 1/2" x 8 1/2" gelatin photograph on 7 1/4" x 9 1/4" gray mount. No school or photographer identified.  Mount probably trimmed at some point, overall Vg - Fine cond. (Sp.301); $75. 

sp304.jpg (110954 bytes)1963 FOOTBALL SHEET MUSIC. Mister Great (Ernie Davis). complete. 9" x12" 1963 . Scarce football related sheet music. Good graphic cover of the Syracuse University back (1959 through 1961), has full page of stats and accomplishments on back cover. Davis tragically died of leukemia in March 1963. I recently had the opportunity to purchase a small amount of vintage unused store stock, in which there was a very small quantity of this title included. It is mint and unused. (Sp.304); $18.95

sp326.jpg (44082 bytes)CURLEY LAMBEAU TLS. Typed letter signed, 11" x 8 1/2", with envelope.  Jan 31, 1951 on Chicago Cardinals imprinted letterhead. Letter to John Packo expressing interest in playing foe the club, and asking draft status. Overall Fine. (Sp.326); $650. 
Earl Louis "Curly" Lambeau (189801965) was the founder, a player, and the first coach of the  Green Bay Packers football team. Lambeau coached the Packers as an NFL team from 1921 to 1949, after which he went on to coach the  Chicago Cardinals for the 1950 season and most of the 1951 season.  After leaving the Cardinals, Lambeau went on to coach the last two years of his career with the Washington Redskins. He was a member of the 1963 inaugural class of inductees to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. 



sp380.jpg (75114 bytes)BOXING JAMES CORBETT. Scientific Boxing, 1912, 6 5/8” x 4 ½” 110pp + 19pp illustrated sporting book advertising. Wraps, red paper cover showing photograph of Corbett in boxing stance. Richard K. Fox Publishing Co., New York. Contains 50 black and white photos. A look at the science of boxing including training hints and the official rules. Series: Fox Athletic Library 9. Some pencil markings on front cover (on body of Corbett), small ¼” tear rt side, clean and tight internally, overall very good and uncommon in this condition.(Sp.380); $175.

sp385.jpg (69559 bytes)CORBETT VS. FITZSIMMONS FIGHT FILM. 2 3/8" x 2 3/8", consisting of two frames of the 1897 film.  Shows fighters in ring, purportedly man in bowler hat in foreground is Bat Materson. Exhibits faults, fair- good condition. (Sp. 385); $85.
On St. Patrick’s Day March 17, 1897 in Carson City, Nevada heavyweight champion of the world James J. Corbett lost the heavyweight title to Bob Fitzsimmons in what came to be known as “The Fight of the Century.” The event was  Nevada's first legally-sanctioned boxing contest. Enormous crowds and some of America's wealthiest and best-known people were expected, and that included Wyatt Earp and Bat Masterson . 
The filming of the Corbett vs. Fitzsimmons fight was one of the milestones in motion-picture history. The screening lasted nearly two hours and more than 3 miles of film was used to cover all the preliminary contests and the fourteen rounds of the heavyweight championship fight. The movie was made by Enoch J. Rector, formerly of Edison Labs, who designed a trio of unique motion cameras and paid $13,000 for film rights to the contest. Immediately after the Corbett - Fitzsimmons fight was over, Rector hurried his film into distribution.

sp383.jpg (180931 bytes)19th C. BOXING PHOTOGRAPH. Ca. 1890 large format 8"x 6" albumen image on 9 3/4" x 7" mount, ; large period id on bottom of mount " Jimmie Dime".  Very handsome photo of young  boxer, strong tones, very good contrast and clarity. Taylor, Amsterdam, NY photographer's backmark. Mount has very minor crease t/l corner, some age toning along perimeter, overall F. (Sp.383); $450. 

sp381.jpg (180571 bytes)JACK DEMPSEY SIGNED ORIGINAL PEN AND INK ILLUSTRATION. 7 1/2" x 4" original pen and ink drawing by Manton, affixed to 9" x 7" piece of paper, with ink inscription on bottom " Best Regards Jack Dempsey". This illustration was tipped into one of the endpapers of the book "Strange as it Seems" (which was very similar to Ripley's Believe or Not) by John Hix, and sent to a fellow illustrator W. A  Manton. Apparently Manton had sent several illustrations to Hix; the book was inscribed to Manton from Hix, and had a few other autographed illustrations tipped in. Included with this signed piece will be a few xeroxs of accompanying papers.(Sp.381);  $475. 

sp379.jpg (122996 bytes)CA. 1860 BOXING TINTYPE. Quarter plate tintype, 4 1/4 x 3 1/4 , encased image of two boxers. Nice early image, original to mat, preserver and half case. Though not viewed in scan, if one holds it at an acute angle, the photographer brush strokes of the emulsion can be seen (the image has not been brushed and does not affect the image quality). Overall VG-F cond. (Sp.379); $365.



sp409.jpg (64705 bytes)GOLF GREAT WALTER HAGEN. 8" x 5" page, in ink, note signed. "Your show is one of the finest I have ever seen do in France. Sincerely, Walter Hagen. Dec 5th, 1828. Three other signatures on this page which haven’t been thoroughly researched (David Leow, Paul Schofield (?)Charles Guest). On verso is lengthy inscription by a George Sidney (dated 1928, possibly George Sidney, the Jewish comic actor, and uncle of American director George Sidney, who was born in 1916).(Sp. 409); $700.
Walter Hagen was born Dec. 21, 1892, was a pro golf pioneer, Won 2 U.S. opens (1914, 19), 4 British Opens (1922, 24, 28,29), 5 PGA Championships (1921, 1924-27) and five Western Opens. He retired with 40 PGA wins, 6-time U.S Ryder Cup Captain.

Provenance of these signatures.
This autograph was originally part of a autograph book , from a Los Angeles nightclub called the Pom Pom. Due to the physical nature of the book, ( the original leather front cover and spine missing, and the pages were somewhat loose) the pages have been disbound. The volume measured 8" x 5", had app. 75 total leaves (150 pages), of which roughly the first fifty had comments and signatures, and spanned approximately a two year period, from mid1928 to 1930. The nightclub itself, either was owned, or the entertainment produced by a Bill Meiklejohn (several of the annotations are directed to him). There was a Bill Meiklejohn in Los Angeles in the thirties, who was an Hollywood agent (including a young Ronald Reagan). The club apparently had a spirited (and risqué) revue . One visitor gave this vivid account: "about forty minutes of the greatest entertainment rolled from behind a curtain I’ve ever seen, anywhere. Smooth- fast- with every turn Clicking! I had no idea there was anything like it west of Broadway. The most impressive thing of all is the "classy" taste left, in spite of, or perhaps on account of the costumes" . The club catered to an affluent and varied clientele; I would say the majority of the autographs were in film, however it also hosted on several occasions aviators (including the crew of the Graf Zeppelin), sports figures and politicians. Xerox copies of various pages will also be supplied with this original page to help understand the Pom Pom. 

sp405.jpg (125695 bytes)GOLF PHOTO- SILENT SCREEN ACTRESS ALLENE RAY. Ca. 1920s  8" x 10" toned silverprint photograph of Ray in golfing pose. "Allene Ray, Pathe, Hollywood Cal." imprinted on back. American silent-screen heroine Allene Ray (born Allene Burch) became the Pathé company's leading serial star in the 1920s. The last of the silent serial queens, Allene Ray ultimately met a peril from which there was no escape: talkies. Overall Fine cond. (Sp.405); $185. 

sp410.jpg (55120 bytes)1902 GOLF COVER ART. May 1902 Ev'ry Month Magazine has beautiful art nouveau cover art. 12 1/2x 9 3/4"  Complete magazine (though no story associated with artwork).  Some age toning of paper, a few edge tears, b/r corner has light crease, overall has good graphic appeal and is in VG cond. (Sp410); $85. 



sp676.jpg (28613 bytes)19TH C. HOCKEY (+699 Ca. 1880's cabinet card photograph (6 1/2" x 4 1/8")Maroon mount. View of young boy with shinney stick, ball and on skates. Very scarce 19th c. photographic subject.  West eineted(?), Conn photo backmark. Some light foxing, else G-VG. (Sp.676). $245 
According to the 1852 Boy's Book of Sports and Games rules for "Hockey, or Shinney : provide yourselves with a stick having a hook at one end, and also a ball...attempts to strike it to touch an opponents goal. This game affords excellent amusement and sport when the game is played by skaters, but they must be good ones, or it is dangerous. This is called shinney from players striking each other shins...".

sp576.jpg (104697 bytes)BOWLING ALLEY INTERIOR. Ca. 1920's toned silverprint photograph, 7 1/2" x 9 1/2", view of several bobbed haired women making the spares inside a bowling alley. Overall vg, some very light creases, overall VG (Sp.576); $95.

cc075.jpg (69851 bytes)YOUNG BOY WITH INDIAN CLUBS. Cabinet card (6 1/2" x 4 1/4") - Young boy man poses with Indian clubs.  Indian clubs  belong to a category of exercise (and juggling) equipment that was popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries . They comprise bowling-pin shaped wooden "clubs" of varying sizes and weights, which are swung in certain patterns as part of an exercise program.  Greenleaf, St. Paul, Minn. photographer's imprint. Fine cond..  (cc.75); $120.   

cc063.jpg (98418 bytes)TWO YOUNG WOMEN GYMNASTS WITH INDIAN CLUBS. . Cabinet card (6 1/2" x 4 1/4") - Two young ladies in gym attire pose with Indian clubs. Indian clubs belong to a category of exercise (and juggling) equipment that was popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries . They comprise bowling-pin shaped wooden "clubs" of varying sizes and weights, which are swung in certain patterns as part of an exercise program. Saylor, Lancaster Pa. photographer's imprint. Some random soiling in background, o/w fine.  (cc.63); $125.




sm981.jpg (721541 bytes)SHEET MUSIC- SKATING POLKA - LITHOGRAPH COVER CA. 1860s ,10 ¼ x 13 ¼.  n.d. ca. 1860 4pp.  Nice litho, in the style of Winslow Homer. From bound volume, with accompanying bindery markings along spine. Exhibits some wear around the edges, some soiling and foxing, trimmed on bottom affecting some text, overall VG- Fine condition. .(Sm981); $145.

sm980.jpg (756331 bytes)SHEET MUSIC – ALL ABOARD, 1855. LITHOGRAPH COVER- SLEIGHING. Sheet music, 10 ½ x 13 ½ .6pp. complete.  Sheet music has a 1 ½” archival tape repaired tear t/l cornerr. Otherwise, there is some minor wear and soiling, overall the condition is fine-VG. See photograph. .(Sm980); $145.




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