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tr019.jpg (65301 bytes)1887 LETTER - BALLOONING. 4 pp pen manuscript letter, Kansas City, Mo., Nov 7th, 1887,  in which a gentleman writes to his wife  (or sweetheart) ,that includes two pages devoted to seeing a balloonist.  In part:
...Today Prof. Baldwin made a leap from his baloon, coming down by aide of a parachute. I witnessed the sight- it was a novelty in baloon assensions. I was close by at the start - and as he gave instructions to the men at the bags- let go! I am off- the baloon sailed upward very prettily.
The prof. stated before that the gas was very poor tho' he would try it. He was advertised to jump at 10000 feet high. When about 1500 feet high the baloon failing to rise higher he jumped- at first he came down very rapidly and as the parachute began to fill with air, it appeared like a large umbrella, then his descent was much slower. The prof landed three blocks away from the starting point, in a vacant block./
It was his intentions to make an assension on Sunday P.M. but it was not possible, about 100000 people were out to see him jump yesterday, and 1000 today.
Overall good condition and clarity; first hand account of a very scarce subject matter. (Tr.19 ); $225.

tr017.jpg (36548 bytes)PROF. KING'S BALLOON - ROCHESTER. Stereo view, 3 1/2" x 7" green mount, "Prof. King's Balloon at Rochester, N.Y." imprinted in negative. A tad light, o/w VG cond. (Tr.017); $265.


tr084.jpg (44352 bytes)LINDBERGH NEWSPAPER. LINDBERGH LANDS IN PARIS. May 22, 1927 Public Ledger and North American. Philadelphia. 23 1/2” x 18”. Full account of Lindy’s epic flight, with several pages of text and illustrations devoted to story. Incomplete first section (PP 1-6; 11-16) ; however does not appear to have an missing text from previous pages. Strong graphic front page, despite toning, and wear along center fold and at edges. Internally, pages exhibit edge wear with tears, however with little or no loss of text. (Tr. 084). $145

tr074.jpg (36959 bytes)LINDBERGH STEREO VIEW. 3 1/2” x 7” #32062 Keystone View Company grey curved mount stereo view. Lindbergh, along with several servicemen, can be seen beside his plane “ Spirit of St. Louis”. Good condition. (Tr. 074) $65.


THE HINDENBURG. In 1936 Germany had completed the Hindenburg to join its sister ship Graf Zeppelin. With a length of more than 800 feet long, she was the biggest airship ever built. This luxurious ship made a number of flights to the U.S. and Brazil during 1936-7, and May 1937 brought yet another scheduled departure from Frankfort to the American terminus at Lakehurst, N.J. Shortly after dropping its lines to the mooring mast, the airship exploded, and miraculously, with seven million cubic feet of incandescent hydrogen about them, only 36 of the airborne total of 97 perished.

HINDENBURG: AN ILLUSTRATED HISTORY. Archbold, Rick, Illustrated by Marschall, Ken Hindenburg: An Illustrated History NY: A Warner/Madison Press Book, 1994 Hard Cover. As New/Fine. First Edition. Sq. 4to : 11 ¾” x 12”.  This is a big, gorgeous volume, lavisly illustrated with full color paintings by Marschall, famous for his paintings of the Titanic, plus color and b/w photographs, memorabilia, etc. This volume chronicles the complete story of one of the great dirigibles, from the pioneering efforts of Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin to the brief career of the Hindenburg's little known sister ship the Graf Zeppelin. Beautifully presented. 229pp. (Tr.948) $50.

tr008.jpg (47313 bytes)ORIGINAL HINDENBURG- AMERICAN AIRLINES LUGGAGE LABEL. Oval label(3 5/8" x 5 3/8") label, Tri color graphic illustrating an American Airlines ("Exclusive Connecting Service") airplane w/ the zeppelin overhead. The verso is a apparently a moisture activated adhesive back. I acquired about a dozen labels a number of years ago, they are original unused stock, near mint (w/ a little age toning in the white areas). (Tr.08) $245. 



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