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cl031.jpg (107351 bytes)IDAHO SPRINGS, COLORADO TOWN VIEW.  
Stereo view, 4" x 7", overview of the town " Idaho Springs from the Borth " imprinted in negative. Robt. Davis, Denver, Colorado publisher. Description on back for Clear Creek Canon , Georgetown and Vicinity.. Well contrasted and clear photograph, some light avg. wear to mount, overall Fine  (Cl.31); $225. 

cl085.jpg (359122 bytes)GEORGETOWN, COLORADO TOWN VIEW.  
Boudoir Photograph, 4 3/4" x 6", overview of the town. Alex. Martin, Denver , Colo. photographer's imprint/ pub by Robt Davis Denver. Crease/ partial break b/r corner, some light avg use, overall VG-F. (Cl85.); $150. 

cl082.jpg (365829 bytes)BARKER HOUSE, MANITOU SPRINGS.  
Boudoir card, 5 1/4" x 8" .View of the Barker House,  Manitou Springs. W. E. Hook, Manitou Springs, Colorado photographer's backmark. Originally built in 1872, Charles Barker purchased the property and eventually remodeled and increased the size until Barker House had 100 rooms!. Barker eventually lost the property due to renovation costs, though stayed on as manager until his death in 1905.  1895 pencil notation and date on back.Image exhibits some wear and soiling, overall Fine (Cl.82); $200.

Boudoir card, 5 1/4" x 8", Wonderful street scene with performers of the “Mexican Circus” imprinted in negative. H.W. Wyman Trinidad Colorado Store backmark.    Image exhibits some light wear and soiling, t/r mount corner tip broken,  a bit of surface damage along rt edge of mount and on back. Has very good tonality, contrast and aesthetic appeal; overall Fine cond. (Cl.41); $1275.



cl041back.jpg (379487 bytes)

cc615.jpg (430294 bytes)COLORADO - CABINET CARD – UNION DEPOT DENVER . Cabinet card, 6 ¾  x 4 1/2.  Image of the Union Depot in Denver ; title in negative, along with descriptive  account of Denver on back.  Photographed by A.A. Marti, published by Robt. Davis, Denver  Colorado . Some light soiling and wear,  image exhibits good tonality and contrast, some light dampstaining on back of mount, overall VG-Fine. (cc615); $145.    

cc609.jpg (397713 bytes)COLORADO - CABINET CARD – CLEAR CREEK CANON – TRAIN ON TRACK . Cabinet card, 6 ¾  x 4 1/2.  Descriptive  account of Clear Creek, Georgetown and Vicinity  on back The Georgetown Loop Railroad was one of Colorado’s first visitor attractions. This spectacular stretch of  narrow gauge railroad was completed in 1884 and considered an engineering marvel for its time. The thriving mining towns of Georgetown and Silver Plume lie 2 miles  apart in the steep, narrow canyon of Clear Creek in the Rocky Mountains west of Denver. Engineers designed a corkscrew route that traveled nearly twice that distance to connect them, slowly gaining more than 600 feet in elevation. The route included horseshoe curves,  and four bridges across Clear Creek, including the massive Devil’s Gate High Bridge. Photographed by A.A. Martin, published by Robt. Davis, Denver  Colorado . Scarcer vantage point than normally photographe.  Some light soiling and wear, image exhibits good tonality and contrast,  overall Fine. (cc609)$125.




cl084.jpg (486449 bytes)HALF WAY HOUSE, PIKE'S PEAK TRAIL. Boudoir Photograph, 5 1/4" x 8", view of the station and travelers. Though not stated, probably by Alex. Martin. Published  by W.A. Davis Denver. Light avg use, overall Fine cond. (Cl 84.); $250.

cl048.jpg (270798 bytes)AROUND WINDY POINT, PIKE'S PEAK RAILWAY. Boudoir Photograph, 5 1/4" x 8", view of the engine and car at Windy Point station. W. H. Jackson Co, Denver Colorado backmark . Light avg use, a bit of discoloration on back, overall Fine cond. (Cl 48.); $250.


cc616.jpg (432546 bytes)COLORADO - CABINET CARD –  TABOR GRAND OPERA HOUSE. Cabinet card, 6 ¾  x 4 1/2.  Image of the Tabor Grand Opera House, Denver ; title in negative, along with descriptive  account of Denver on back.  Photographed by A.A. Martin, published by Robt. Davis, Denver  Colorado . Some light soiling and wear,  image exhibits good tonality and contrast, VG-Fine. (cc616); $145.



cl351.jpg (1068929 bytes)COLORADO -  TABOR GRAND OPERA HOUSE PROGRAM 1890. 9 1/2 x 7, 22pp, plus color wraps. Week commencing June 6, 1890 . Numerous advertisements for the local merchants(  less than a program than a means of advertising, with small stories and comments scattered within).  Overall  Fine cond. Cl351.$85.




The Tabor Grand Opera House in Denver was the most opulent building between Chicago and San Francisco at its gala debut on September 5th 1881. Constructed at 16th and Curtis, the "Tabor Grand" changed Denver's image of itself overnight; from an upstart prairie boomtown to a place worthy of world-class cultureThe cutting-edge building was regarded as the best-equipped theater between the midwest and San Francisco, and cost in the neighborhood of $850,000, in 1881 dollars--a truly phenomenal sum for the time.



w677.jpg (71995 bytes)THE KINNEY HOUSE, SULPHUR SPRINGS ILLUSTRATED LETTERHEAD. Unused, ca. 1900 8 1/2” x 11” letterhead, photo illustration of the Kinney House, “Oldest and Best in Middle Park” with “Iron and Sulphur Water in all Rooms”. Slight age toning, minor edge wear rt top side, overall VG. (W. 677); $65.

cl022.jpg (205604 bytes)COLORADO TOWN OF EMPIRE LICENSE. Unissued retail license for the Town of Empire, ca. 1880s. 7 ¾ x 9 ½. Orig fold line center, a few very minor edge tears, overall Fine. (CL.22): $35.

cl025.jpg (161670 bytes)1882 HENDRIE & BOLTHOFF MANUFACTURING CO. Mining Machinery, Denver Colorado receipt 4 1/2" x 8 1/2" to "Mess Tabor & Wurtzebach". (J.E. Wurtzebach) .Overall VG cond. (CL.25); $125.

Horace Tabor was born in Orleans County, Vt., on Nov. 26, 1830. He left home while still in his teens and became a stonecutter. In 1855 he migrated to Kansas. While farming there, he also served in the Free State legislature; neither endeavor proved rewarding, so he joined the Pike's Peak gold rush in 1859. For the next 18 years Tabor's activities shifted from camp to camp, where he gained mining experience and operated a store. The merchant-miner combination produced a steady income, but his chance for wealth came with the opening of the Leadville, Colo., silver mines. A fortunate grubstake by Tabor to two prospectors in 1878 led to the discovery of the Little Pittsburg Mine and his first million dollars; then successful investments parlayed his worth to $5-7 million. Tabor invested in mines in almost all the western states and Mexico. Once he was financially secure, he turned to politics. He served two terms as Republican lieutenant governor of Colorado (1879-1883) and hoped to become a senator, but after an expensive and bitter campaign in 1882-1883 he was chosen by the legislature only to fill an unexpired 30-day term. Later attempts for the party's gubernatorial nomination failed, but he liberally supported the Republicans despite the rebuffs. Tabor moved to Denver in 1879 and significantly contributed to the city's growth. The first of the Colorado mining millionaires to invest his fortune at home, he built the Tabor Block and the famous Tabor Grand Opera House. He displayed his confidence in the future of the state by investing in Leadville and other towns and helping to open the San Juan, Gunnison, and Aspen areas. This faith in western growth led Tabor into marginal investments which failed. By the late 1880s decreasing mine production and a falling silver price forced him to mortgage sound holdings to continue development. When the economic crash of 1893 came, his business-mining empire was debt-ridden. Collapse followed, and a final Mexican mining venture failed to save Tabor. Appointed Denver postmaster in 1898, he died on April 10, 1899. The scandal of Tabor's divorce from Augusta Pierce and his remarriage to Elizabeth McCourt (Baby) Doe in 1883 made him a pariah to many contemporaries, but he outlived the stigma. Douglas Moore's opera The Ballad of Baby Doe (1955) is based on the event.


cl020.jpg (235774 bytes)WEST - COLORADO - PUEBLO - FRAZIER SADDLE BILLHEAD . 1914, 7” x 8 ¼ billhead for the R.T. Frazier …Famous Pueblo Saddle. Great graphic of a bucking horse and cowpoke. Light original fold line, overall VG-fine. (CL.20); $95. 


w680.jpg (85877 bytes)COLORADO -1903 LEADVILLE LIQUOR STORE BILLHEAD. Carl Nollenberger Wines, Liquors and Cigars , Sole Agent for Anheuser- Busch Brewing Lager Beer. Multicolor, nice inset graphic of Anheuser Busch Brewing Trade Mark. 4 3/4" x 8 1/2. As I have a limited quantity of these billheads, payee may be different that that illustrated. All have a light vertical fold lines, small spindle puncture, overall VG. A handsome western billhead.(W.680); $45. 

w679.jpg (52738 bytes)COLORADO - CA. 1903 LEADVILLE, LIQUOR MERCHANT BILLHEAD. Leadville Colorado, Joe Colob Wholesale Liquor & Wines. Payee may be different than that illustrated.  4 1/2" x 8 1/2. (W.679); $35.

w681p.jpg (105409 bytes)WESTERN- COLORADO- CA.1903 LEADVILLE LIQUOR STORE BILLHEAD. Gaw's Brewery, California Gulch., Agent for A. Coor's Celebrated Golden Lager Beer. Payee may be different from that illustrated.  6 1/2" x 8 1/2. (W.681); $45.

cl002.jpg (267885 bytes) COLORADO – DENVER – GIANT POWDER CO. BILLHEAD. 1885. Giant Powder Co. Giant, Judson and Gelatine Powder, Caps and Fuse. June 6, 1885,  4 1/2" x 8 ½” . A few light vertical fold lines, minor tip of t/l corner missing, two small spindle holes, o/w VG – Fine .(cl.02); $65. 

cl461.jpg (955609 bytes)COLORADO – ROUSE – CATTLE RANCH  ILLUSTRATED  LETTERHEAD – 1902.  Rouse, Colorado letterhead , 11’x 8 ½ S.J. Capp & Sons Proprietors of the Admiral Dewey Herd of Hereford Cattle.  Illustrated insert of bulls   A few light vertical fold lines, overall VG-Fine . (cl461) ; $95.


 Rouse, Colorado letterhead , 11’x 8 ½ S.J. Capp & Sons Proprietors of the Admiral Dewey Herd of Hereford Cattle.  Illustrated insert of bulls   A few light vertical fold lines, overall VG-Fine . (cl461)


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cl036.jpg (164332 bytes)SEVENTH FALL, SEVEN FALLS, CHEYENNE CANON. Boudoir photograph, 8 1/2" x 5 1/4.  Hook Photo. Image is delicately tinted, Mount exhibits wear and b/r corner broken. (Cl.36); $95. 

cl035.jpg (172070 bytes)SIAMESE TWINS, GARDEN OF THE GODS. . Boudoir photograph, 8 1/2" x 5 1/4.  Hook, Colorado Springs Photo. Image is nicely tinted.  Image is in fine cond, mount exhibits some light wear, overall VG-Fine cond. (Cl.35); $125. 

cl034.jpg (203920 bytes)SEVEN FALLS, CHEYENNE CANON. Boudoir photograph, 8 1/2" x 5 1/4.  Glew  Photo.  Mount exhibits light avg wear, image fine. (Cl.34); $95. hold

cl302.jpg (346062 bytes)DENVER & RIO GRANDE RAILWAY BILL OF LADING. 1875 Pueblo. 11" x 8 1/2" Attractive type heading in green ink, some light signs of use and wear along left edge, orig. fold line, overall VG- Fine cond. (Cl302); $85. 

cl086.jpg (572221 bytes)ALBUM OF VIEWS ON THE DENVER & RIO GRANDE. W. H. Lawrence & Co., Denver, Colorado 1886. Accordian-style series of views from the train, bound in red cloth with gilt  pictorial vista and gilt lettering on the front board. "Album of Views on the Denver & Rio Grande\" With 21 Railroad views from the railroad line, containing. views from Garden of the gods and Pike's Peak, Manitou, Sierra Blanca , Fremont Pass Mount of the Holly Cross, Black Canyon and many more. Fine condition. $200.





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