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w006.jpg (38397 bytes)BRIGHAM YOUNG. Carte de Visite. 4" x  2 3/8". Savage and Ottinger, Great Salt Lake City backmark. Ca. 1860’s, vignette portrait of the Latter Day Saints leader. Vg. cond.; very minor (1/16”) damage to bottom right mount edge. (W.006) $300.SOLD

w177.jpg (25185 bytes)BRIGHAM YOUNG. Stereo view. 3 1/4" x 7". Green mount, Savage & Ottinger's Pioneer Fine Art Gallery , Salt Lake City, Utah backmark. Vignette portrait  of Young. Mount show slight soiling, corners are rounded w/ wear; images G. (W.177); $265.

ufb004.jpg (228223 bytes)PARENT CO-OP SALT LAKE CITY. Boudoir card, 5 1/5 x * 1/2" Great Street scene with the Parent Co-op and with the Studebaker Wagon store next door.  C.R. Savage, SLC backmark. Strong tonesa and great clarity, a few small areas of discoloration, small 1" crease left side on top. (UFB.04); $750.

ufb014.jpg (276803 bytes)BINGHAM UTAH   Gelatin photograph, 5" x 7" on 7" x 9"mount.   Street scene. City Bakery can be seen, listed in the 1909-10 Directory at 525 Main Street.   No photographer's imprint, a bit of wear, overall Fine. (UFB.14); $SOLD

ufb011.jpg (285330 bytes)FUNERAL - BINGHAM UTAH   Gelatin photograph, 5" x 7" on 8" x 10" mount.   Street scene, with band, mourners and casket.  The Leader Store can be seen , and was located at 445 Main St., along with the sign for J.Sindar ( a great film clip by Edison of Bingham, showing the sign for Sindar can be seen at http://www.filmpreservation.org/dvds-and-books/clips/copper-mines-at-bingham-utah-1912). Lastly, the sign for the Hotel Roberts can be seen, according to contemporary reports,  the best hotel in the city.  No photographer's imprint, mount exhibits some wear,  image has strong tonality and contrast. Though  (UFB.11); $SOLD

ufb021.jpg (204873 bytes)SALT LAKE CITY FIRE DEPT 1909.  Photograph (5 1/2" x 8" on 7 " x 10" mount) - Photo of firemen in parade dress with adorned hose  reel .Though there isn't any id on this image, the former owner (a collector of Utah Images has this identified as Salt Lake City). I believe it is the side of the Cooperative Mercantile Building, but as of yet have not positively id'd this myself. None the less, as handsome image. Some wear and use, a handful of small minor pen head size dimples on image. o/w VG cond. (Ufb.21); $SOLD









w763.jpg (490832 bytes)1866 RUBY CITY, OREGON TERRITORY LETTER ON WELLS FARGO STATIONARY. Lot of four pieces, includes a two page pen manuscript letter from Ruby City, Oregon Territory to Louis Henry Marshall. 9 ¾” x 7 ½” blue paper, imprinted on top “Wells, Fargo & Co. New York And California Express And Exchange Company”. Overall Vg condition, exhibits original fold lines, some minor areas of wear and chipping along paper edge. Also includes three Wells Fargo envelopes, all addressed to Maj. Marshall (Fort Boise, Boise City and Ft Walla Walla W. T.). Unfortunately, all irregularly torn at edge or top edge. (W.763); $600. 
Transcript of letter reads:
Ruby City (Oregon Territory)
Maj. Marshall
I send you, by request of Wm. Fall, a pair of boots herewith. Also, a box marked "cartridges" containing 2 jars of whiskey. It was impossible to find a keg or demijohn in all this town and the emergency required the adaption of temporary "Expedient", trust twill reach you safely. And be useful if not ornamental.
From reliable parties who have returned I learned that our Volunteers have followed a considerable party of Indians across the Humbolt and Chico Roads and are still on their track toward the head of Malheur (River) accompanied by about 30 Cavalry from Camp McDermott (Oregon Territory).
Resp. Yours

Gold was discovered in rich placer deposits in the Owyhee Mountains in May, 1863. A search for the source of the gold led to quartz ledges on War Eagle Mountain. Before the fall of 1863, several hard rock mines were being developed. Three towns grew to supply the miner's needs. Booneville, Ruby City and Silver City were the first three settlements in the Owyhee County in Oregon. Only Silver City still stands; its well-preserved buildings a silent testimonial to the lively mining days. The beautiful ruby silver ore and the wealth of gold taken from the mountains made the mining district world famous.
While Ruby City was named the first county seat, its population and businesses soon moved to a better location two miles upstream on February 1, 1867. Silver City was closer to most of the mining operations and had a better winter location.

Louis Henry Marshall (Graduate USMA 07/01/1849)
Residence was not listed; Enlisted on 12/29/1860 as a Captain.
On 12/29/1860 he was commissioned into US Army 10th Infantry
He was discharged for promotion on 10/16/1863 (Prior service in US Army since 07/01/1849). On 10/1/1861 he was commissioned into Field & Staff MO Benton Cadets
He was Mustered Out on 1/8/1862
On 10/16/1863 he was commissioned into Field & Staff US Army 14th Infantry
He Resigned on 11/23/1868





lf015.jpg (268238 bytes)ALASKA - CHURCH INTERIOR SITKA. Boudoir Card, 5 1/4" x 8 1/2. Interior Greek Church at Sitka Alaska imprinted in negative. Davidson, Portland Oregon backmark. Davidson was one of the Northwest's premier photographers, and was active in Portland from 1878-88. A bit of foxing along top edge of image, o/w VG-Fine cond. (Lf15) $200.

lf016.jpg (241003 bytes) ALASKA - FORT WRANGLE. Boudoir Card, 5 1/4" x 8 1/2. Fort Wrangle, Alaska imprinted in negative. Davidson, Portland Oregon backmark. Davidson was one of the Northwest's premier photographers, and was active in Portland from 1878-88. A bit of foxing along top edge of image, o/w VG-Fine cond. (Lf.16): $225 eb


w431.jpg (435220 bytes)MONTANA - VIRGINIA CITY BILLHEAD - HARNESS, SADDLES. Illustrated billhead 5 1/4 x 8 1/4. Frederick Kraemer, Manufacturers of Harnes, Saddles, Etc. nicely illustrated with humorous drawing of man on donkey wearing exaggerated  large hat, along with illustration of saddle.  (w431); 95.


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