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In August, 1878, George W. Lufkin and Chris Watson discovered silver ore around the area of Lake Valley. Their discovery started a silver mining rush as prospectors settled in the area to continue the mining. Lufkin sold his claim to George Daly, and with Whitaker Wright (who came to Lake Valley in April 1881) bought or made 8 more claims away from the outcrop. They then went to New York and with George D. Roberts formed four mining companies each with four claims. The Sierra Grande Silver Mining Company of Lake Valley ran the mines for all four companies. In 1882, John Leavitt, a blacksmith, leased a claim that George Lufkin had been working. Just 40 feet away from the surface, Leavitt discovered a huge cavern lined with solid silver. This incredibly rich cavern was later named "The Bridal Chamber" because of the sparkle from its crystal encrusted walls. George Daly was killed by Apaches the day of the discovery. A settlement, first called Daly but later renamed Lake Valley, moved to its present location after this discovery. Two and a half million ounces of silver were eventually removed from the Bridal Chamber, some of it so pure it required no smelting. In fact, the silver was so easy to remove that a railroad spur was built into the chamber and silver was loaded directly onto the cars. In 1893, silver was devalued, and the prosperity Lake Valley had known took a down turn. In 1895, most of Main Street burned to the ground.

Several of the letters are directed to D.H. Jackson, Superintendent of the Sierra Grande Mines.


w694.jpg (92278 bytes)DEMING,NM LETTERHEAD. 1882 Letterhead of G.P. Armstrong, Dealer in Wines, Liquors, Cigars, Tobacco, Miners Outfits and Supplies. Deming New Mexico. 8 1/4" x 11". Letter written to D.H. Jackson at Sierra City. Though the town was originally called Daly, and changed to Lake Valley, there must have been a short period of time in the interim it was called Sierra City . Some wear, soiling, and dampstaining, (though not as pronounced as the illustration suggests, overall VG. (W.694)$65.


w749.jpg (124588 bytes)EL PASO SMELTING CO. RECEIPT. Lake Valley NM Silver Mining Co Smelting Receipt. 8 1/2" x 12" 1897 El Paso Smelting Co Invoice for ore from Silver Mining Co, Lake Valley New Mexico. These lists gross weights, amount of metals, net proceeds. I have a small number of these receipts, illustration is representative, ca. 1897, overall Gd cond., with original fold lines, and small punch hole. (W. 749); $16.99 


nm027.jpg (209311 bytes)A.T. & S.F. RR CO. LETTERHEAD- NUTT STATION. 11” x 8 Ό” letter , July 12th, 1882 . Nutt Station was the station on the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe, stagecoach ran the distance of 14 miles to Lake Valley for $2.00. Later a branch of the railroad was extended to Lake Valley. Fair to good only, exhibits age toning,  damp staining along left edge, some discoloration along edges, b/r corner has damage (NM. 27); $45. 


nm028.jpg (282617 bytes)A.T. & S.F. RR CO. LETTERHEAD- SAN MARCIAL. 11” x 8 Ό” letter to D.H. Jackson, July 7th, 1882, from Train Master's Office,San Marcial. Fair to good only,   b/r corner has damage, , fold lines, (NM.28); $SOLD


w742.jpg (133505 bytes)1882 GIANT POWDER CO., S.F. LETTERHEAD. 10 Ό” x 7 Ύ” , 2 pages, Blue paper. Bandmann, Nielsen & Co., Agents for the Giant Powder Co. Two page ink manuscript letter to D.H. Jackson, regarding shipment of high explosives, along with pricing for shipments. Some minor discoloration along bottom of pages, overall Gd. (W.742); $150.


nm035.jpg (472726 bytes)1882 CANADA SOUTHERN LINE BILL OF LADING. 11” x 8 1//2” bill of lading for tubing received at Nutt Station. Nice graphic of box car, edges are somewhat rough though, still displays well.  (NM35); $50.


w743.jpg (101199 bytes)1882 LETTER REGARDING STOCK FOR THE LAKE VALLEY MINES. 11” x 8 Ό” , Pacific Bank , San Francisco, directed to D.H. Jackson, regarding stock availability of stock for the Sierrra Grande as “some friends of mine have a little money to invest . Please give me your opinion as to the value of the property …”. Light discoloration along left edge, age toning to rt bottom section, o/w Gd. (W.743)$65.


w744.jpg (119260 bytes)1882 SAN FRANCISCO LETTER REGARDING FRAUDULENT SHIPPING WITH RAILROADS. 11” x 8 ½” 1882 Letter from the Office of Prescott, Scott & Co. Union Iron Works , to D. H. Jackson. Somewhat amusing letter to D.H. Jackson about a man caught by the railroad on trying to circumvent shipping charges by mislabeling the boxes, and cautioning Jackson not to try the same. (W744); $100.


w741.jpg (104024 bytes)1882 SIERRA GRANDE MINING CO. LETTERHEAD. Philadelphia, to D. H. Jackson, at Daly, notifying him of the purchase of stock and asking to acknowledge receipt of same. Signed by George Smedley, Secty. 7 5/8” x 10 1/8”. Minor discoloration b/r corner, overall VG. (W.741); $85.


w734.jpg (127077 bytes)LOT OF (2) A.T. & S. F. RR BILL OF LADING. (W. 734);$46.




nm046.jpg (120286 bytes)BROWNE & MANZANARES COMMISSION HOUSE., LAS VEGAS,NM CHECK. Las Vegas, New Mexico Check. 8 3/8" x 3 3/8" check from the firm of Browne & Manzanares. Vignette of young child's face "Lucia". I have a few of these checks, payee might be different than one illustrated. (nm.46); $16.

BROWNE & MANZANARES COMMISSION HOUSE. (1879-1899), which was one of the great commission houses of the Plains, first following the Kansas-Pacific Kit Carson Co. then following the A.T. & S.F. R.R. to Las Vegas. This trading house resided in all of the end-of-track towns, their path being Leavenworth KS., Junction City, Ellsworth, Sheridan, Fort Wallace, Kit Carson CO., Granada, Las Animas, La Junta, El Moro, Trinidad, Otero NM., then Las Vegas.


nm084.jpg (611187 bytes)BROWNE, MANZANARES & CO. LETTERHEAD. Forwarding and Commission Merchants, Socorro, NM.  9'  x 6 one page.  Great engraving of commission house, much scarcer with Socorro imprint. .  Addresses To D.H. Jackson, Sierra City, NM. A bit of age toning, o/w VG. (Nm084); $275.


nm083.jpg (72833 bytes)1884 FORT SUMNER, NM LETTER. J. H. Teats (The owner of a General Merchandise Store). One page of articles for delivery. 10 " x 7 1/2", Feb 20, 1884 . Sold as is, some (insect or rodent) damage in rt center, fold lines, o/w G. (nm83); $45.




nm082.jpg (108251 bytes)1882 SILVER CITY, NM THE NEW SOUTHWEST NEWSPAPER LETTERHEAD. 1882, The New Southwest and Grant County Herald. Letter regards possible subscriptions. 8” x 10”, a very appealing letterheads, exhibits rough right edge along w/ some light discoloration along edge, o/w VG.(nm082); $165.


nm026.jpg (161354 bytes)1888 FIRST NATIONAL BANK, LAS VEGAS  ILLUSTRATED LETTERHEAD. Letterhead, 9 1/2” x 6”. Illustrated with engraving of bank building. Original fold lines, two spindle holes on top, overall VG (NM.026); $75.


nm085.jpg (384608 bytes)1899 LINCOLN COUNTY BRAND REGISTRATION. 1899 Lincoln County New Mexico. Cattle Sanitary Board Certificate for Re-Recorded Brand. 7 1/8" x 8 1/2". Certificate for James Cree of Fort Stanton, showing the placement and design of brands on cattle and horses. Scarce and desirable cattle ephemera. Original horizontal fold line, a few small light edge creases, o/w VG (Nm.85); $285.SOLD


nm081.jpg (740145 bytes)NEW MEXICO HORSE AND CATTLE RAISER LETTERHEAD W/ BRANDS. Illustrated letterhead, 11" x 8 1/2" for Charles Grossman, Glorietta Ranch, San Marcial, NM 1904. Has nice graphics of both horse and catle, along with brands depicte. A bit of age toning, some light wear and use, overall VG-Fine. Scarce and desirable cattle ephemera. (Nm81); $245. 





w182.jpg (103661 bytes)PHOENIX HOTEL -SPRINGS HOTEL . Boudoir card, 5" x 8".  View of  the "Phoenix Hotel Springs Hotel, N.M." imprinted in negative.  No Photographer's imprint. Small bubble in image, overall fine cond. (W.182); $425. 



nm040.jpg (100610 bytes)NEW MEXICO TERRITORY - UNCUT SHEET OF (5) CHECKS. Ca. 1900 Territory of New Mexico, Second Judicial District Court, County of Valencia sheet of (5) unused check. 16 1/2" x 10 1/2. Displays well. The scan of the singular check is more representative of the color and clarity than my poor photograph of the uncut sheet. Overall Fine condition. (Nm.40); $22.50


Streoview, 4” x 7”. Ca. 1880. No. 2913 Procession of Corpus Christi.  New Mexico Series Santa Fe. W.H. Jackson & Co., Denver Colorado  photographer’s imprint. Description on verso. Some very minor signs of use and wear,overall Fine + condition. (Sv754); $185. 


sv754a.jpg (426248 bytes)






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