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BUFFALO BILL CODY. Buffalo Bill was born on Feb. 26, 1846, in Scott County, Iowa. In 1854 his family moved to Kansas, near Fort Leavenworth. 1917). A folk hero was created in the late 1860s by a dime novelist, Ned Buntline whose subject of many of his pulp stories was the bigger-than-life figure he nicknamed Buffalo Bill.  Early in 1864 he enlisted in the Seventh Kansas Cavalry of the Union Army. In the 1870s, as a scout and guide for the Fifth Cavalry, he acquired a reputation not only for accurate marksmanship but also for total recall of the terrain and knowledge of Indian ways.From 1872 to 1883 Cody was an actor in melodramas, primarily in Buntline's 'The Scouts of the Plains'. In 1883 Cody started his famous Wild West exhibition--later known as Buffalo Bill's Wild West and Congress of Rough Riders of the World. His stars included the sharpshooter Annie Oakley and Chief Sitting Bull. The show grew steadily in popularity and traveled widely in the United States and Europe for 30 years


w892.jpg (106415 bytes)BUFFALO BILL CODY. Cabinet card, 4 1/4 " x 6 1/2" , Buffalo Bill Cody, ca 1875, showing a young Cody holding a Remington M1872 Army rolling block rifle, an ivory gripped single action visible at waist. Taken around the time in NYC, original probably by Sarony, anonymous period pirated image. Overall Fine cond. (W.892); $SOLD

BUFFALO BILL CODY SHOW .LOT OF 9.  Nice grouping of numerous candid shots of the Buffalo Bill Wild west show. All are unmounted gelatin photographs, 
(ww.001); $SOLD

Included are

ww001a.jpg (202541 bytes)CODY LOT a. 5" x 8" view of Cody on horseback, centered among other wild west performers, teepees form the backdrop. Nice tonality and contrast. 




ww001b.jpg (180267 bytes)CODY LOT b. 5" x 8". View of the stagecoach. Has well repaired tear in bottom center, some red ink on b/r corner of image, o/w VG-Fine.




ww001c.jpg (269922 bytes)CODY LOT c. 5" x8". View of eight Native American performers with teepees in back. Fine cond. 




ww001d.jpg (239880 bytes)CODY LOT d. 5"x 8" View of Two cowboys on horseback. Nice image. Fine cond. 




ww001e.jpg (207888 bytes)CODY LOT e. 5" x 8". Numerous wild west show cowboys and cowgirls pose on horseback. Some light staining in sky area, o/w VG-Fine.




ww001f.jpg (264189 bytes)CODY LOT f. 5" x 8". Group shot of wild west show cowboys and cowgirls  Fine contrast , clarity and tonality.-Fine.




ww001g.jpg (240208 bytes)CODY LOT g. 5" x 8" Wooly chap wearing cowboy atop horse, teepees and native americans in background. Fine cond. 




ww001h.jpg (161025 bytes)CODY LOT h. 5" x 8". Numerous wild west show cowboys and cowgirls pose on horseback. Red pen notation on top ww show 1908;  Possibly a tad flat, a bit soft focused. o/w VG-Fine.



ww001i.jpg (384720 bytes)CODY LOT i. 6" x 10" view of several performers on horseback,Slightly dark, and a bit grainy. 




ww003.jpg (438573 bytes)BUFFALO BILL- WILD WEST SHOW. 6" x 8" gelatin photo, mounted on linen,. Ca. 1910 view of Cody on horseback, numerous Indians are also behind Cody in arena. Exhibits some irregularities in mounting, wear along edges, o/w VG. (ww.03); $SOLD

ww006.jpg (188613 bytes)WILD WEST SHOW PERFORMERS. 5" x 7" gelatin photo, removed from album ( some ninor remnants of lack paper on back). Handsome view, ca. 1910 view of Wild West show performers . (though not stated, these men were with the Buffalo Bill WildWest Show. Overall Fine. (ww.06); SOLD 

ww007.jpg (483671 bytes)LOT OF (3) WILD WEST SHOW . Lot of three (3) 4 1/4" x 3" in 6 1/2" x 5" paper mats with period pen manuscript oid on front. Lot includes "Interior of Cowboys Tent Wild West Show; Chief Lone Bear, Interpreter (has crease in paper mat), and Red feather & children (pepre mat has torn edges left side). Images fine cond. (ww.07); $SOLD

ww018.jpg (166774 bytes)LOT OF (2) WILD WEST SHOW INDIANS . Lot of two (2) 4 1/4" x 6 1/2 unmounted gelatin photographs, with circular rubber stamp for Wooster, New Haven, and what appears to be period pencil id Buffalo Bill Wild West Show.  One  images very light and lacking contrast, the other Vg-Fine. (ww.18); $SOLD

ww017.jpg (113514 bytes)WILD WEST SHOW- DEVLIN ZOUAVES  4 1/4" x 6 1/2 unmounted gelatin photograph,still has most of the album page paper on back. View of the zouaves climbing wall. The Devlin Zoauves performed for years with Cody, the act consisting of precision drill and fast wall climbing. VG cond. (ww.017); $SOLD

ww019.jpg (1138501 bytes)WILD WEST SHOW- LOT OF TWELVE . Lot of twelve different photo, from 5 1/2 " x 8 1/2" to 3 1/4" x 3 1/4 unmounted gelatin photograph, most still original album page paper affixed on back.Nice varied lot, including three views of practicing in open fields, with cityscapes in background. Some flaws, however overall cond is very good+. (ww.019); SOLD



wfb110w.jpg (188885 bytes)CARVER AND CRAWFORD WILD WEST SHOW.  Boudoir photograph, ca. 1885, 5 ¼” x 8 ½”, panoramic view of the members of a wild west show. Numerous Indians are seen, a few mounted cowboys, but of particular note are the two central figures astride the horses in the center…the two personalities are Doc Carver and Capt Jack Crawford. Though undated, this is a ca. 1885 image, which places in the correct time frame of the short lived Carver and Crawford Wild West Show. Possibly taken at the fairgrounds, a large obelisk of corn is seen behind the performers. J. S Saurman, St. Joseph, Mo Photographer’s imprint. Overall VG- F cond. (Wfb110); SOLD

From Buffalo Bill’s Wild West, An American Legend, by R.L.Wilson …“Carver's tendency toward hyperbole has placed a great many of his statements in question, including his claim that it was he who created the Wild West show. No matter, the Cody and Carver's Rocky Mountain and Prairie Exhibition opened in May 1883.

Six months later, it closed in acrimony. Carver accused Cody of constant intoxication and with demoralizing the members of the cast. Carver himself, however, was known to imbibe, and on the opening day at Omaha's Fair Grounds on May 17, Carver's lackluster shooting was likely a result of too much celebrating the night before. In response to cheers from the audience, Cody fired away at the glass-ball targets. These shots were so true that firing at glass balls from horseback became a standard performance for Cody in the Wild West. "

. When the split between the two partners took place, Carver claimed he was due funds invested in the production. In the controversial book Doc Carver: Spirit Gun of the West, a receipt dated October 23, 1883, is pictured, showing that Carver paid "expenses of Wild West Show" worth $525. However, this could simply be his share pf expenditures and not an obligation of Cody's assumed by Carver.

In the end, in true Old West fashion, the two divided their assets by the toss of a coin, and Carver formed a new show in partnership with Captain Jack Crawford. Known as the Carver and Crawford Wild West, the show lasted until 1885. In 1887 and 1888, Carver performed with Adam Forepaugh's New and Greatest All-Feature Show and Wild West Combination. From 1889 to 1893, Carver operated his Wild America, touring in America as well as in Europe (1889-1890) and in Australia (1890 and 1891).


wfb111w.jpg (157419 bytes)MEXICO BILL- AUTOGRAPHED. Boudoir Card, 8 1/2" x 5 1/4". Taber, San Francisco, Cal imprint. Striking image of this little known wild west character, and with autograph on back "Most Respectfully, Mexico Bill, 5/7/83 PM". Exhibits some soiling and wear to mount edges, overall Fine, with stong tones, clarity and contrast.  (Wfb111)SOLD

wfb094.jpg (84756 bytes)JOHN LINK WILD WEST MUSICIAN. Cabinet Card, 6 1/2" x 4 1/4". Sims, Kensington (UK) imprint. Fine image of a John Link, musician cowboy with Buffalo Bill Shows and later 101 Ranch. Fine. (Wfb94. $sold

ww026.jpg (77125 bytes)WILD WEST TRICK SHOT ARTIST MEXICAN BILLY. Cabinet Card, 6 1/2" x 4 1/4". W.D. Ament, AKA Mexican Billy, was billed as America's Champion Trick Rifle Shot, Roller Skater and Musical Artist. People's Gallery, Muscatine Ia imprint. Some wear and rubbing along mount, image fine..(ww.26) $SOLD

ww039.jpg (83188 bytes)WILD WEST PERFORMER. Cabinet Card, 6 1/2" x 4 1/4". Unknown personality, sporting a great mustache. Bussard, Bradford, Pa  imprint.  Fine. (Ww39. $750.

w914.jpg (53235 bytes)WILD WEST PERFORMER. Cabinet Card, 6 1/2" x 4 1/4". Obermuller & Son, N.Y. imprint. Fine image of a sure shot, Native American?. It appears that the albumen image is atop another image, but certainly done at the time of the original printing (not been pasted down at a later time).(W.914) $SOLD.

w917.jpg (56323 bytes)NATIVE AMERICAN WILD WEST PERFORMERS. Cabinet Card, 6 1/2" x 4 1/4". F. Borel, Dunnville imprint. Graphically strong view of two Native Americans. Unfortunately, there isn't enough to tell the whole story, however I'm assuming these were performers with one of the touring shows, judging by their theatrical spear and knife.(certainly the possibility exists that they were photographers props, but...) Very appealing view, some light to moderate soiling, and light wear.(W.917)$SOLD

 w903.jpg (122665 bytes)MONTANA BILL AS BILLIE THE KID. Cabinet Card, 6 1/2" x 4 1/4". Portrait of  a pair of Wild West or theatrical performers, inscribed in negative is "Montana Bill as Billie the Kid". I don't know if this is a case of double exposure, showcasing Montana Bill in two different attires, or simply two actors, one being Montana Bill. Canton Illinois photographer's imprint, some light soiling and wear, overall VG. Seldom seen reference to Billy the Kid.  (W.903); $SOLD





w902.jpg (129929 bytes)WILD WEST PERFORMERS. Cabinet Card, 6 1/2" x 4 1/4". Portrait of a pair of Wild West performers, attired in western garb, and both holding rifles. Durtha, Delaware, Ohio photographer's imprint and ornate backmark. Strong tones and very good contrast, overall Fine cond. (W.902)SOLD

ww045.jpg (460420 bytes)1912 COL. FRED CUMMINS’ WILD WEST AND INDIAN CONGRESS biographical sketch booklet. 6 ¼” X 9 ¼”; 24 pp. Wraps. Contains numerous biographical sketches and photographs, including Chief Red Cloud, Calamity Jane and Geronimo. Color cover and back. Repaired  spine, t/l corner missing back cover,  o/w  G cond. (ww45). $sold

w861.jpg (88683 bytes)LONE STAR HARRY. New York Dick"s Publishing House (1893) 6 ¾“ x 5“, original pictorial pink wrappers. [16 pp.] Woodcut portrait on front wrapper. First Edition of this pamphlet that seems to have been entirely unknown until a small cache, along with additional Lone Star Harry material, surfaced a dozen or so years ago. Harry, who successfully suppressed his full name while earning the additional sobriquet of "The Revolver King," was supposedly born near Eagle Pass, Texas, in 1855 and had a lively career as cowboy, army scout in the Indian wars, and ace marksman in various Wild West shows, including that of Pawnee Bill (Gordon W. Lillie). This souvenir booklet contains a brief account of Harry's career, a very brief description of Texas, a dissertation by Harry on handling revolvers, and a detailed account of a cattle drive from Nieces County, Texas, to Ogolalla, Nebraska, from February to July, 1882. The text also contains some wonderful songs and several publisher’s advertisements. Some light foxing on cover, o/w very fine cond. (W.861); $195.

w936.jpg (61219 bytes)ACTOR IN WESTERN ATTIRE. Cabinet card of Edwin Arden (imprinted on mount), in western garb with a large snake coiled around his leg. Arden  was an actor, theatre manager, and playwright. Bennett & Co,, N.Y. photographer's imprint. Some light to moderate soiling and wear to mount, overall VG+. (W.936); $495.

w904.jpg (85376 bytes)WILD WEST PERFORMER. Cabinet Card , Ca. 1880s Appealing portrait of either a Wild West performer or theatrical, wears fringed books, revolvers in chain belt. Clark, Worcester, Mass photographer's imprint. Two small pinholes bottom of mount, o/w Fine cond. (W.904); $650.

w922.jpg (38682 bytes)WILD WEST PERFORMER OR ACTOR. Cabinet Card, 6 1/2" x 4 1/4". Hoscobel, Wisconsin photographer's imprint. Ca. 1900 toned gelatin photograph of either an actor or Wild West performer, wearing broad brimmed hat, boots and holding rope. (W.922)SOLD.

ww023.jpg (354392 bytes)CA. 1900 PHOTO. COWBOY AND COWGIRL Toned silverprint, 5 1/4" x 3 1/2" on 9" x 6" ivory mount. View of seated cowgirl reading letter, cowpoke looks on. Either wild west or theatrical, exhibits strong tonality and contrast. Some minor soiling on mount, overall Fine condition. (ww.23); $245.eb

w931.jpg (73863 bytes)ACTOR IN WESTERN ATTIRE. Cabinet card of  actor in western attire. Williamson, Rochester,, N.Y. photographer's imprint. Fine cond. (W.931); $595.





w932.jpg (61818 bytes)ACTOR IN WESTERN ATTIRE. Cabinet card of  iactor in western attire. Williamson, Rochester,, N.Y. photographer's imprint. Fine cond. (W.932); $595.

w926.jpg (46515 bytes)COWBOY AND COWGIRL- WILD WEST PERFORMERS. Cabinet card, Toned 6 1/2" x 4 1/4". Stone, Branchport, NY. imprint. Some light soiling on mount, overall Fine condition. (W. 926); $475.


ww021.jpg (109747 bytes)PRAIRIE MAY .Cabinet Card photograph, 6 1/2" x 4 1/4". Portrait of Prairie May, holding banjo. Maxwell & Mansfield, Bowery , NY  photographer's imprint. Some edge roughness on mount corners, a bit of soiling ands wear, overall VG-fine.. (ww.22); $825.  

ww220.jpg (440499 bytes)COWGIRL. Cabinet Card photograph, 6 1/2" x 4 1/4". Portrait of Actress  (inscribed on back: "...Best wishes, Genevieve Gibson Around the Clock Co. 1907") Columbus, Ohio photographer's imprint. Two small pinholes right side of image, o/w Fine condition. (Ww.220); $245.  eb

ww221.jpg (308110 bytes)WILD WEST COWGIRL Cabinet Card photograph, ca 1910 toned silverprint , 6 1/2" x 4 1/4". Portrait of a Wild west cowgirl holding a lariat. There is a photographer’s blindstamp on bottom of mount, however am unable to discern the name. Overall VG+. (Ww.921); $225.eb


bh042.jpg (288342 bytes)NEBRASKA BIG RODEO ILLUSTRATED LETTERHEAD.  11" x 8 1/2". Unused letterhead for the Rodeo at Burwell, Nebraska, 1934. VF cond. (Bh.42.); $65.


CANDID WILD WEST PHOTOGRAPHS. - BUCKSKIN HARRY BOCK. These imges came from an ca. 1900 album/ scrapbook ( whether or not it is true, the story was is was recovered from a dump). Whereas much of the album was unfortunately in total disrepair, enough was saved  and images removed.  Among the items salvaged were papers and notes idnetifiying the photogrpher as Harry V. Bock. Some had notations of hom with the Pawnee Bill Show, others with others shows ( such as the Ronda Royal Circus). Most of the images here I believe were candoid  shots from the Pawnee Bill show. All images, unless noted otherwise are app. 8 x 10, and  have remnants of the black paper from the scrapbook still affixed. Other condition issues will be noted. SOLD

ww501.jpg (356606 bytes)WW501




ww502.jpg (329526 bytes)WW.502





ww503.jpg (1100244 bytes)WW.503





ww504.jpg (981457 bytes)WW.504




ww505.jpg (405242 bytes)WW.505





ww506.jpg (935415 bytes)WW506





ww507.jpg (1026649 bytes)WW507





ww509.jpg (324959 bytes)WW509





ww509.jpg (324959 bytes)WW509




ww510.JPG (327157 bytes)WW510





ww512.jpg (447240 bytes)WW512





ww513.jpg (352022 bytes)WW513





ww514.jpg (349405 bytes)WW514





Harry Valentine Bock was born in Hazelton, Pennsylvania on July 17,1865. His father, Valentine, born in Germany, married a Pennsylvania girl whose parents also had emigrated to the U.S. from Germany. By the time Harry was a teenager, he was not only handy with tools but good enough with horses to join the movement westward as a cowboy. Around 1882 he made it all the way to Wyoming where he worked for some time as a government scout or agent, according to old family letters. During these early frontier days, he became known as "Buckskin Harry" and probably struck up the beginning of his friendship with Pawnee Bill He was also attached to the Army at one period, but the military records are not very clear on this area of his life. In 1886, the year he turned twenty-one, Harry did return to Boston to marry his childhood sweetheart, Paulina Anne Mohr, daughter of another emigrated German family. Whether she ever traveled with Harry during the following years is not a matter of record, but with one son after another it's obvious he found time to regularly return home. Beginning in 1892, Harry joined Pawnee Bill's Wild West as a cowboy and doubled as a carpenter. As his cowboy activities were gradually phased out, he spent more and more of his time over the next sixteen years designing, building, and repairing special circus wagons whenever the show ended up in winter quarters.  He and Pawnee Bill established a life-long friendship that endured until Pawnee Bill's death.On page 16 of the Official Pawnee Bill Route Book published at the end of the 1898 season, Harry Bock is listed as a carpenter under the Mechanical Department.  According to his hand written notes with the negative collection, the pictures were dated from 1900 to 1905. That would indicate that he traveled with the show again at some point but not in any performing capacity. Since he only worked in the winter quarters shop during those years, his name would not show up in any other route books. Bock was so captivated by the Wild West show idea and his two heroes (Buffalo Bill and Pawnee Bill) that in 1900 he temporarily changed his name to "Buckskin Bill" and proceeded to form his own small Wild West show. It was less than a roaring success even if Harry did use the standard advertising and equipment. He was bankrupt within a year.A major turning point in Bock's life took place in 1903 while at the Carnegie winter quarters: Harry was formally baptized into the Southern Baptist Convention. For the next five years, he seriously pursued theological studies between more carpentering, less cowboying, and trips back to Manchester, Vermont where most of his relatives now lived. His father died in 1905, but his mother still ran the farm they owned up there in the Green Mountains and his two sisters were nearby. Harry's own family by now had grown to include three sons—Robert, Frank, and Harry, Jr.Buckskin Harry ended his association with Pawnee Bill's Wild West in 1908. Needless to say, it was by no means the end of his personal friendship with Gordon Lillie. Harry by now had completed enough basic theology to be assigned as a Southern Baptist Missionary. His very first mission was to the Pawnee Indians in Pawnee, Oklahoma which co-incidentally was also the location of Pawnee Bill's ranch and buffalo herd. Certainly Reverend Bock's beginning assignment, which was to extend over the next fourteen years, was based on more than chance. Earlier in that same year, the Bocks had purchased a comfortable house in Manchester which remained as the home to return to as often as possible. However, this time Harry's wife and sons moved with him to the Pawnee Reservation to start this new adventure. Harry threw himself completely into the Indian missionary work as evidenced by stories about him in the official Southern Baptist publications of that period. At a later date he worked with the nearby Otoe Tribe in addition to his continuing efforts with the Pawnee.By 1923 the Reverend Harry Bock had completed his assignment with the Pawnee Indian Baptist Mission, so he and Paulina left Oklahoma, perm  anently moving back to Manchester.




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